CNN Washington DC

CNN Washington DC

This studio spans 2,200 square feet, includes over 100 monitors, a huge curved rear projection screen, enormous 8×4 monitor array and over 3000 feet of color changing LED lighting.

This is the home Wolf Blitzer’s Situation Room, State of the Union, Jake Tapper and Crossfire shows.

CNN Washington DC Bureau, Washington DC, 2012 - Present

  • Two separate studio environments that can broadcast simultaneously, divided by acoustical glass partition.

  • The glass partition is retractable to allow opening the space into single large studio.

  • The spaces share a 27-foot long “vista wall” presenting majestic image of the Capitol Building.

  • Set elements include: monitor arrays (including pivoting 103” monitor); projection screen; LED lightbox walls, touch screens; and modular/reconfigurable desks.


  • Highest rating of all news media on coverage of the election night in 2012