BoyceWal: Modular Wall System

Modular Wood Wall System

BoyceWal is a bespoke, patented modular wall solution for commercial and residential applications. BoyceWal provides the flexibility and ease of re-use of a modular wall system with the look of a premium permanent wall.


BoyceWal can be nearly completely self-standing with only a few connections to fixed walls, allowing for quick installation in a range of situations. Our free-standing solutions offer a kit-of parts with a set of segments that can easily be assembled and disassembled.


BoyceWal can be fit-in to existing or new architecture and look like a permanent wall. Our fit-in solutions are designed per the site conditions and we develop the necessary custom solutions to seamlessly integrate Boycewal into the environment.


We use only the finest solid and wood veneers sourced locally to our manufacturing plant. Any type of wood and finish can be achieved. Infill panels can be wood, glass, acrylic, or fabric.


BoyceWal modular solutions allow for easy layout and flexibility for environments that need the ability to adapt and change over time. BoyceWal is designed as a series of interlocking segments that can be rearranged and easily reconfigured.