Furniture, Broadcast Environments, & Specialty Products

At Boyce Products, we all share a passion for excellence in our work and we derive the greatest pleasure when we know that our client is satisfied and the project has been successfully completed.

We especially enjoy unusual or challenging projects and are confident in our ability to undertake assignments perhaps considered “too difficult” by others.

We believe that we have earned the trust of our clients not only because of our technical ability and experience, but also because of our underlying attitude – courteous, cooperative, and determined.

Wall Systems

BoyceWal is a bespoke, patented modular wall solution for commercial and residential applications. Click the image below to learn more.


Boyce Products works with leading industrial automated fabrication tools.
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Featured Projects

At Boyce Products, manufacturing and fabrication isn’t limited material.

Our versatility within a wide range of materials sets us apart from most other manufacturing companies.


Wood, metal, plastic, veneer, laminate, glass, stone and textiles are just a few materials regularly employed within our facility.

Below are just some of examples of the materials we work with.

Wood Sculpture.jpg


5 Axis_5x3.jpg






We pride ourselves on process at Boyce Products

Both in terms of the wide range of manufacturing processes we have available in-house for our clients as well as our ability to engage as a partner within the design process through material research, detailing and prototyping.



This precision tracking system can be installed from above of or below since the traveling carriage is fully captive. The unit in the photo (shown during construction) provides a clear span of thirty-five feet and was installed on a structural steel gantry frame twenty feet high. 

Boyce Products can design and manufacture this system in any desired length. The system in the photo was designed for moving a massive 103” plasma monitor with simple cable automation. In addition to basic cable-actuated start and stop capability, the sophisticated PLC-controlled servomechanisms can be added to allow precise speed control as well as the ability to program the unit to stop and start at predetermined locations or times.


We often work with our clients early in the design process to develop solutions, which realize initial design intent as well as targeted budgets and schedules.

Most of our products go through intense prototyping and mock-ups before entering final production. We have a well-seasoned drafting department supported by AutoCad and Solidworks computer software platforms.


Our skilled craftsmen and project managers utilize the most current technology and software.

CNC machining centers, cutting, pressing, forming and metal working equipment enable us to process woods, laminates, plastics and veneers comfortably within our own manufacturing facility.

Creative Lighting

We have extensive experience with specialty lighting, which often is integrated with our custom manufactured products.  The technology ranges from simple fluorescent lighting to a wide array of color changing LED’s.  Many of the processes require our custom emulsions, diffusions, lenses and controls.